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Auberge du Coq Hardi

This is one of the oldest and most beautiful houses in  Blangy. On the top front side of the house you can see the sign on which a really bold rooster is perched on the back of his worst enemy, the fox.


This building dates from the 16th century, it is in Norman style, and you can see between the wooden beams filled with mud and lime. The mud is a mixture of clay, chopped straw and horse or cow hair. The lime is used to absorb moisture. This building, with its dependencies, is listed in the Historical Monuments inventory.
The house was a staging post for travelers going from Caen to Rouen via Pont-Audemer and would provide room and board for them. In the 1900s the owner, named Aubry, turned his inn into a gathering place where farmers from the region would come to talk and discuss while eating tripes and drinking cider.

The water from the fountain in the middle of the square is collected by numerous inhabitants. However, we have marked it “non- drinkable water” simply because we chose not to have the water tested regularly, due to the  expensive cost of monitoring ​​it.

Drainpipe road Norolles: this pipe drainage flows into a collecting cast iron lion’s head at ground level, by a curved mouth called “Dauphin” (dolphine).

On the occasion of a renovation in the heart of the town more than ten years ago, the stream running from the fountain was channeled into a beautifully small canal that runs along the sidewalk. Children love to float small makeshift boats or dip their shoes in it!

Along the main street there are various shapes of colombages called St. Andrew’s cross and wheat. Restorations were made by the inhabitants with the help of grants. Thus, the village was able to find its authenticity. For example, the showcase of the apothecary shop.