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Lords of Blangy

They settled in Blangy around the year 1000, so even before William the Conqueror.
Gilbert Crespin Baron Blangy, in 1020, married Gonnor de Centvilles Lady of Livarot. Their first son, William Crespin, was attacked by robbers. To thank God for having protected him, the Baron signed a charter with the monks of Bec Hellouin in 1050 in which he donated: the Abbey of the Bec, the taxes from the Blangy mills, the patronage of the Church of Blangy and the taxes from the Blangy market.

Talking about the Crespin family:
Gilbert and Gonord of Gentville had  sons and a nephew :

– William Crespin 1er and Gislebert II the sons and Milon Crespin, the nephew,  was  companions of William the Conqueror during the conquest of England, they were heroic in 1066 in the battle of Hastings.

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– Gilbert III was first monk of Bec Hellouin and then became Abbot of Westminster in England.

The Monks of Bec Hellouin came and settled in Blangy in 1050, and after living in a dependency of the castle, they built a priory near St Martin’s Church in the upper part of the village. However, the church of the parish of St. Martin was destroyed during the religious wars.
In the 13th century the monks of the Bec built a priory in St Hymer, which gradually eclipsed that of Blangy. (NB where the mother Denis which I spoke about, resided).