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The mill


Currently private property, the old mill belonged to the Lords of Blangy. It was sold in 1795, along with all the property of emigrants (nobles who immigrated after the revolution) to the buyer, who then hired a miller.

In 1840, in the newspaper Le Normand, we find an ad for the sale of the mill: making all grain flour, with all its accessories, oven, yard, garden, etc. … It is located in a very advantageous position because of its proximity to markets of Lisieux, Pont l’Eveque, Cormeilles and Beuzeville. This mill is in perfect condition and the water fall is such that we could easily convert it into a spinning or other type of factory etc…It continued to work for many years. On the electoral roll of 1892, the miller was identified as Eugene Gondo, whose family was in Blangy until the 1950’s.
Today the owners are artists. Nicolas Ragu writes and performes plays. His text “CHRYSANTHEMUM”, was winner of the writing scholarship from the Fondation Beaumarchais Society Dramatic Authors and Composers. PRICE CLAUDE SANTELLI 2012.
His wife Natacha Jouët (known as Acantha) is a singer and actress. They provide artistic workshops in theater and singing and give performances throughout the year.

The municipality has made available a local venue called “First Act”. This room is across the town hall square opposite the fire station. Since 2011 they organized a festival of solo performance: theater, music, magic etc …The “All Alone in Front of Everyone” Festival takes place in mid-August for 2 days outdoors at Moulin.
For the record, when I celebrate the golden wedding of a couple at city hall, I offer them a rendezvous fifty years later for their 100 years of marriage, because it is the water wedding!

*On this theme of Blangy over the water, we can continue the walk to the church observing the basin of holy water.