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High street

In the Middle Ages (11th century) Blangy consisted of two parishes, Our Lady of Blangy and Saint Martin; in the upper village. Dedicated to Saint Martin, it was later kept in the memory as the police regulations in Blangy of January 1852, Article 12 stated that, “on the day of Holy Cross Fair, the cattle will be sold in fairgrounds field and the fair of May in Saint Martin Square.”

The unusual width of High Street, compared to Blangy’s importance, is due to a very large covered market hall situated in the middlle of the street. The hall was demolished in 1855 following royal permission. It was in very bad condition and hindered the movement of horses and carts in the narrow passageway on either side.

Article 2 of 9th January, 1852
Everyone was banned from: making piles of mud or manure, depositing garbage or other trash in the street, in public places or in the hall, emptying chamber pots, day or night and throwing any bottle fragments, broken glass and other materials that could cause injury. The mud will be put in piles. Sweeping will be completed by nine o’clock in the morning, from October 1 to March 1, and by eight o’clock from March 1 until October 1..

Being a worthy descendant of his, as deputy mayor, I participate in monitoring the sanitation budget. We have a lagoon system for wastewater treatment and for our garbage as well as a recycling program run by a community of communes.